About Me

Cartooning from Life

I prefer doodling rather than sketching, cartooning anything that is quirky, painting (art, not the house!), fishing, hunting, reading non-fiction history (but I won't pass up a good Clive Cussler novel), gardening like a mad tomato, traveling as much as the bank account will allow, and spending time with family.

My Medium

I love to work with pen and ink and colored pencil.  

My Inspiration

My biggest influence is Sergio Aragones, from MAD Magazine.  I also respect and admire the work of Richard Thompson, Matt Davies, Kal cartoons, Edward Gorey, and Gris Grimley, the Mad Creator.  Cartooning is my passion and I always look for projects that will challenge me.

My Videos

Kids have always loved to watch me draw.  When my wife was a teacher, I would often go to her class and entertain the kids with my cartoons on the white board.  They could not get enough!  Now, everyone can watch by subscribing to the Monty's Monsters youtube channel.  A few sample videos are below.

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Drawing a Dragon

Watch me draw a fire-breathing dragon.

Drawing a Goblin

Ok. My goblin is like none other.  Watch me draw and then try it yourself!

How to Draw a Blob Monster

Four eyes, one horn, three arms, and a tail.  Put 'em all together and you have..... a blob monster!